About Dual Spirit Style, LLC

Mission Statement

To gather a community of unique individuals

& give them the confidence to

live passionately & unapologetically true

in this world.

Why Was Dual Spirit Style, LLC Created? 

I don’t want unique individuals to have to go through what I went through or worse. Our lives and our existence are just as important as everyone else’s.

There is nothing wrong with being unique. We deserve to feel good about ourselves and love ourselves for who we truly are.

What Is Dual Spirit Style's Purpose? 

People already have a perception of who you are and what you can provide based on your image. Whether you’re selling a product or service, or yourself for a job or promotion; developing a personal brand and brand image gives you more control over what others see.

Unique individuals have different challenges when it comes to branding ourselves in a way that will allow us to achieve our goals. Dual Spirit Style was created as a space to help unique individuals authentically present ourselves as professionals in the world.

How will Dual Spirit Style Serve Unique Individuals?

Visibility – Provide a platform to see unique individuals living authentically.

Branding – Help unique professionals develop their authentic personal brand and brand image.

Education – Provide unique individuals access to resources to learn more about themselves and other unique individuals.   

Community – Create a space for unique individuals to engage with each other.

Who Is A Unique Individual?

A unique individual is anyone who doesn’t feel genuine when they conform to traditional gender norms or societal constructs. This can include:

  • Gender non-conforming individuals

  • Women who wear menswear

  • Men who wear women’s clothing

  • Androgynous individuals

  • Intersex individuals

  • Non-cis gender individuals

  • LGBTQ community

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