About T.C.

What Style Means To Me...

Before I was able to dress in clothes that allowed me to authentically express myself it wasn’t just “oh, these clothes don’t fit me” or “they make me uncomfortable.” It was another manifestation of how there wasn’t a place for me in this world. Being able to find and wear clothes that express who I am allows me to navigate the world in a more confident and genuine way.​

Professional Background

I have spent most of my legal career working as an independent litigation discovery attorney for several law firms. For years I attempted to start a side business while working 40-55 hours a week as an attorney. I finally decided to follow my passion full time and commit to building a space for LGBTQI individuals to become more confident and successful professionals.

I love professional development and use various resources to learn about business, marketing, graphic design, technology, gender, and psychology.

My Interests

I have an extraordinary fascination with vintage electronics. There is something about vinyl, 8-tracks, and antique cameras that speak to my soul. However, almost anything related to technology peaks my interest.

What I do for fun I enjoy spending time with family & friends, watching women’s basketball, laughing with others, and bowling.

My Gender

My biological sex is female. Which is separate from my gender identity of being non-binary. My androgynous style of dress is a visual expression of how I see myself; mostly masculine with a noticeable amount of femininity. Labels aside, I strive to be authentic to the point that if all the societal constructs and stereotypes were taken away, I’d still be me.

My Motivation

It brings me to tears when I see and hear stories about how people in my community are hurting because of how this world treats us, I’m filled with sadness and pain.

For those that know me, I have a strong sense of pride, confidence, and security in who I am as an individual. I wasn’t always this way, actually, I was far from it. I struggled for a long time with feelings of hurt, confusion, anger, fear, and isolation. I felt that there wasn’t a place for me in this world. I felt illegitimate, undeserving, alone, and worthless. Society made me feel like there was something so wrong with me - that I didn’t deserve human rights or human respect. To be completely honest, some of these feelings haven’t completely gone away.

Why Work With T.C.?

I am especially sensitive and empathetic to unique individuals' needs and struggles because I am a unique individual. I know what it’s like to live in a world that makes you feel like you aren’t good enough and that there isn’t a place for the true you. I’ve struggled through the effects of living in a society that doesn’t acknowledge your existence and prefers that you suppress what makes you different. Despite these obstacles, I have been able to grow into a confident person and successful professional.

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