Custom Menswear

Our mission is to provide you with the best fitting professional menswear that is not only comfortable on your body, but is also comfortable on your soul.

The patterns of ready to wear suits are made to fit a perfectly symmetrical body that doesn’t exist. Investing in a custom suit not only assures that you're getting a garment that takes your body’s measurements and fit preferences into consideration - which will make for a more comfortable wear - it also gives you the ability to pick the fabric, style, and numerous details to compliment your unique style.

Garment Information

Custom Suits

Offering suits and sports coats from some of the finest fabric mills worldwide. Suits include 

extensive opportunities for customization.

Custom Shirts

Offering custom long and short sleeve button down shirts constructed with premium materials and quality fabrics. 

Custom Pants

Our pants are available in all of our fine suiting fabrics. Our 

dress pants also  come with several opportunities for customization.

Custom Vests

Our vests are available in all of our fine suiting fabrics.

 Waistcoats include several

opportunities for customization

  and quality fabrics.