Image Consulting

Image Consulting

Do you feel uncomfortable in your professional attire? Or maybe you're someone who wants to start dressing better to improve people’s impression of you? Possibly for you, being a unique individual makes it harder for you to find the balance between being professional and being true to who you are?


During this brief 15-minute complementary phone consultation we will discuss some of the details about your current style and where you would like it to be in the future. I will ask you questions related to your professional and personal lifestyle, clothing tastes, and clothing budget. If your expectations and my services are a good fit I will email you a style questionnaire to complete before the wardrobe assessment.


Email me at so we can work together to take your style to the next level. 


This is when we will begin to shape your unique signature style. We will go through your entire wardrobe and you will try on your garments in order for us to discuss how your clothes fit and select pieces that will complement your future style goals.


Using all of the information gathered since our first conversation we will start to craft a style that is a mix of you feeling comfortable in your own skin, being appropriately professional for your career goals, and that authentically expresses your unique story that is being presented to the world.


Do you want to spend less time getting dressed in the morning? Do you want your closet to be more organized? Maybe you still have clothes in your closet that society says you should have but you absolutely hate to wear? For example, that women’s cut suit, skirt, or another gender role specific garment that makes you feel like you are parading around in a costume every time you wear it? I know I have.


There can be many reasons why you should get rid of certain items in your wardrobe. During the declutter process we can discuss these reasons together, and make a decision of what to do with these items that YOU feel comfortable with. 


This is when I go shopping for you or with you to select clothing for your individual needs. I dont have a set of “go-to” stores that I shop at for all my clients. My job is use the information from our phone consultation, your style questionnaire, and the wardrobe assessment to find and select stores that support your unique style needs, goals, and current budget.


This is the blueprint that will give you the tools to implement and/or improve upon your signature style.


When you're done with the image consulting process you will have your own personalized guide that includes all the tips we discussed, as well as all the outfit combinations we created so that you will have a reference to look to when your getting dressed. I can even set up a monthly wardrobe rotation calendar for you so that you will rarely ever have to make the decision of what to wear for yourself if you don't want to. I don't necessarily recommend this for everyone, but the point I’m making is that I design this guide to be helpful for the individual needs of each client.


This is an optional service that can be paired with your image consulting package. Whether you just need your hanging clothes organized so that you can easily see what you have, or you need the works with a whole new system for all your garments and accessories, I can get the job done.

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